Welcome to Casworth!

Whyrbears, whyrwolves, whyrcougars, and whyrfoxes make their home here along with human residents. The bears and cougars tend to mate in menage relationships while the foxes and wolves seem to prefer monogamous relationships. Enjoy your stay and the scenery.

Whyr Desires, Latent Desires, Rebecca Airies

Latent Desires

Shapeshifter, M/F/M/M

Graphic artist Chloe Thomas has built a new life, but struggled to keep her latent mate status a secret. She discovers there’s a dark side to some shapechangers. Stalked by danger, she has to decide whether to run or stay and fight. She seeks advice from her friends, but meets three men who sweep in and take over her life. 

Tony Landon, Logan Gentry, and Jason Malone have searched for their mate. Now, that they’ve found her, they want her to be happy, but with Logan in mating heat, they can’t seem to move slowly. They’re determined to protect her, not only from the danger targeting her, but also that focused on all Whyr. 

They try to give her the romance she craves, but danger threatens to destroy the new relationship. The three men must keep her safe and convince her of their love. She’ll have to overcome her doubts or risk losing what she now desires most in the world.