Writer's Tools

Below you'll find a few tools. Two are word count spreadsheets that I created because most of those that I found when I searched focused on either just the number or one book. I write on at least two books at a time. Sometimes on more than one in a day.  As my process evolves, so will the tracker.

There's my basic version which is a little more complicated and you enter the word count number more often. The dated version is basically the same tracker, with a little more automation. *I'll be doing a blog post about the dated version soon.



Download links

I have the spreadsheet and a very similar Google docs version available. I will be posting screenshots on my blog if you want a closer look.

Here's the Excel link.

Here's the Google Sheets link.

Dated Word Count spreadsheet link:

Excel Link

Google sheets (I'm working on it)


Promo Schedule

This is a variation of something I saw online, but couldn't find again when I looked for it. Getting better at promo is one of my goals so I came up with something to work for me. I use this when I get really busy to note down everything that I need to do. If necessary, I transfer it to an online calendar.

Excel spreadsheet:


Promo Schedule

Am I working on anything else?

Yes, I am. I want to create a timeline that populates automatically from a list with date and event. I'm working on ways to get it to do that.

Are you a writer in need of marketing advice?

If so I recommend Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW.) It's a peer-oriented mentoring group. You can ask questions or opinions and get advice on the MFRW loop. The main site is here. Marketing for Romance Writers