Current Works in Progress

Below you'll find a few of the stories I'm working on at the moment.

Her Bears Arms (Whyr Desires 4) {Almost finished with this}

Dixie has searched for her mates for years and is more than ready to find them. When she does, things don't go as they should. Her mates seem to want to be anywhere but near her. She doesn't understand and confusion and emotions are driving her insane.

Micah, Maddox, and Gable would love to claim their mate now that they've found her, but can't. Someone's stalking and attacking them. They won't drag their mate into that danger if they can help it.

Stone and Fire 3

Tempest Josephs is taking a semester off from college and most of her time is spent waitressing. Meeting three gorgeous men is an interesting occurrence, but she doesn't think much about it. At least not until she's attacked and wakes up in the hospital and finds them there.

Noah, Phoenix, and Sawyer have been looking for their woman, but discovering she's in danger from one of their enemies. Unfortunately, they didn't get to her in time to stop the attack.


A sci-fi romance

Ember's trying to get on with her life and keep busy after being exiled from her home planet. She has no mate and will never feel the connection with another.  That changes when she realizes that the drugging she thought activated her mating instincts was no drugging.

Kyl and Orien have no recall of their past. But finding a woman like them gives them hope. They're not alone and they'll do whatever they have to keep her with him and happy.



Finished, but...

The following stories are finished and either in revision or waiting for revision. Some of them will receive better titles when they're revised



Fiery Bliss

Penny's Story

Stone and Fire 2 (In revision now)