Current Works in Progress

Below you'll find a few of the stories I'm working on at the moment.

Penny's Story (Whyr Desire 3)

Penny's hurt and in trouble. She left her home because of roommates from hell. On top of that, she's trying to deal with a creepy stalker and the feeling that someone is moving things in her new home. The last thing she needs is more complications.

Ethan and Griffin Black thought they knew where Penny was and that she'd be safe there until they could get their brother Dawson home so they can claim her. They were wrong. When they go to introduce Dawson to Penny, they discover that she's missing. Once they find her, they'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and make her theirs.


Stone Passions 2 (Dante's Story)

Dante and Cael found the mate they'd share with Thane, but they couldn't bring her back to their home because she wasn't in their territory.  It tears at them to leave Moriah, but if they can't bring her with them, they'll entice her with dates and get to know her.

Moriah didn't know how to handle suddenly discovering there were other different people in the city, much less Gargoyles. The men intrigue her, but she's more worried about the danger that seems to be following her cousin. She soon learns that the danger isn't only directed at her cousin. She'll need the help of her three men to survive the danger.

Finished, but...

The following stories are finished and either in revision or waiting for revision. Some of them will receive better titles when they're revised

Love's Bounty (almost finished here)

Leslie's Story


Fiery Bliss