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Magic flows in the air and the vampires and dragons both bite--but that's not always a bad thing. Watch out for the merdanons and Dark Sorcerers, they'll try to take more than your money. Don't worry. The dragons, vampires, witches, and wizards are usually nearby to take care of them.

Catching Keira: A Witch's Destiny

Catching Keira: Witch's Destiny 1

Catching Keira: Witch's Destiny 1 is a re-release. It has been heavily edited and retitled.

Her goal: reclaim an amulet and go home.

Keira A’Darcin doesn’t need distractions. An encounter with gorgeous, dragon warrior Rath  tempts her to put aside her worries and enjoy a night in his arms. When morning comes, duty leads her away from him. As she continues on her journey, danger forces her to claim a pair of ancient weapons, changing her life.
Rath hunts the dark sorcerer targeting cities under dragon protection. His search leads him to a trap and then to Keira. Intense attraction burns between him and the sexy witch. Every touch makes him wonder if she’s the one for him and Damon?
In the last few weeks, vampire Damon Ro’Teir has helped rebuild cities and fought battles. He hadn’t expected to find their witch-mate in the middle of the chaos. Now that  he has, he isn’t letting her go.  Keira’s fierce, strong, passionate, and more than a match for him and Rath.
Although the desire grows hot between them, their enemy grows stronger. Witch, dragon, and vampire, they’ll have to work together to defeat an enemy determined to claim the power Keira now holds.