Welcome to Alden Glen!

Meet the Aelfir. Sometimes things are exactly as they seem, but with the Aelfir, it's not. They may look human, but they have power bubbling within them. From abilities to make plants grow or form things from metal and gems, they strive to make their bit of the world better as well as protect the innocent when there's trouble.

Tangled Bliss, cover, Rebecca Airies

Tangled Bliss

Chelsea Ash healed plants, but she can't fix her own problems. Alexander Woods, a gorgeous, new deputy in town and her boyfriend, refuses talk about part of his past, leaving her wondering what he's hiding. On top of that, a stalker is sending her creepy gifts and stealing her sense of safety. 

Alexander is building a new life in Alden Glen. He wants a home after years of hunting the tainted. Chelsea is sexy, sweet and the sensual hunger explodes between them. He's not walking away from her. Even as they untangle the mess of their relationship, the stalker escalates his attacks. Alex will have to use all his skills to protect Chelsea and claim the future he's always wanted.