In Bliss


Tangled Bliss, cover, Rebecca Airies

A retired Hunter must save his woman, a Aelfir plant healer, from an obsessed stalker.

Lost Colony

Sabotaged Desires, cover, Rebecca Airies

Suz didn’t expect more than companionship from her arranged marriage, but she isn’t willing to give up the undeniable passion and security she’s found in Robert and David’s arms. Robert may be the captain of the ship, but he’s going to find that in marriage, the captain does not have the final say.

Whyr Desires

Bears, wolves, cougars, and other Whyr heat up Casgrove, Georgia.

Latent Desires, Cover, Rebecca Airies

Trouble has found Chloe Thomas.  With two women stalking her and the druggings within the city, she has more than enough problems without three bears wanting to take her under the protection of his den.

cougars, whyr, Leslie, John

Leslie Morgan caught one of her mates’ scent as he was leaving a club with another woman. She won’t mate with a tomcat and hatches a plan to curb his wandering ways.

Stone Passions

Fiery passion flares between the gargoyles and their lovers.

Capturing Their Flame, cover, Rebecca Airies

She wanted a night out, but found Gargoyles, danger, and a fiery love.

finding their flame, moriah, dante, thane, cael

Danger stalks Moriah, but three hunky gargoyles protect her. With each hot touch, she’s drawn closer to the men who might just steal her heart.

Love's Bounty

Bounty hunters Mitch and Dean Logan hunt criminals, but this time, they intend to capture their woman’s heart and show her she belongs with them.


Witch's Destiny

Dragons, vampires, and witches work together to battle Dark Sorcery and claim love.

Catching Keira, In Sorcery's Hold, rerelease, vampire, dragon, witch

Her Destiny comes with blades and fangs.


Daughters of Selene

Magic, mystical beings and danger about as these lovers fight to claim love.

moonlight and magic, erysi, witches, shapeshifter, fae, mythical beings, legends

Moonlight and Magic

An evil ghost. A mystical warrior. Either way, her heart's in trouble.