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  1. Shelly Laurenston has a book out called Pack Challenge, the heroine has a severe scar running down her face. I thought it made the book more interesting. Theolyn Boese has bad scars on her secondary female charcter in Crimson Shackles. I also remember (vaugely) reading a historical several years ago where the heroine had many scars on her back from repeated beatingd by her crazy guardian. Even Catherine Coulter used a scar on a heroine as a plot point. the “malformed big toe”, which was actually a deep scar running dwn the character’s leg, was something the hero had to overcome, not from his poiny of view, but from hers.

    So all in all a scar can come in handy in making difficulties for the hero to win over the heroine.

  2. Thanks Valerie. I remember both the Catherine Coulter book and Pack Challenge now that you’ve mentioned them. And yeah, it’s causing the heroine and thus the hero plenty of worry.