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On rejection letters — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Well I gotta tell you from personal experience every rejection hurts. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch!!! I’ve had my share.
    I should take stock in rejection. LOL.

    But as I tuck more experiences under my ever widening belt(and I ain’t talking books LOL) I’m learning to take the rejections as just an unfortunate part of the business of writing. (heavy sigh)

    I’ve almost given up writing more times than I could count in the beginning but remember this the next time you feel down…you will never acheive your dream if you stop writing. You just have to keep plugging away because those are the folks who eventually get published.

    And once you get published it gets even harder. LMHO.

    But even with all the rejects writing is fun, isn’t it? (huge grin)

    Well I must shove off.
    Lots of writing to do and more rejects to look forward to…

    Sending you a big hug,

  2. You’re right, Jan. Even with the rejections, it’s fun. And just getting the story that’s been building inside of you completed and saved on your word program is a reward in itself.

    For me, that’s at least two less characters distracting me during the day. They just don’t seem to understand that everyday life comes ahead of telling their stories. (Sigh)

    Hoping your next reply is a contract offer,