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Moonlight and Magic, Lorelei, Quint, witches, magic, myth, legend, ghost

Moonlight and Magic

An evil ghost. A mystical warrior. Either way, her heart's in trouble. 

Lorelei is searching for the truth. A witch, part Erysi, she needs to discover who the ghost terrorizing the city is, even if it is her grandmother, and stop that spirit before anyone else gets hurt. The treachery she uncovers goes deeper than she ever imagined and leads her to a gorgeous, arrogant, muscled, Erysi warrior who makes her burn with desire.

Quintus needs to get back to his mission after being encased in a spell for years. Helping sexy witch, Lorelei, might help him get that back on track, because her grandmother was probably deeply involved in every part of it. Every time they're together, it's hard to keep his mind on the hunt and off her sweet body. The attraction between them burns out of control.

Lorelei and Quintus' hunt leads them to a plot that could rip apart the lives of innocents. They must work together if they hope to stop the dangerous scheme. Even as she fights at his side, she falls for him. With so much danger around them, she can't risk love or weakness. Maybe after they finish the fight, they can claim the love building between them.

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Latest News

Updated 17th of March, 2018

As you can see above, I recently published Moonlight Magic. A new book is always thrilling.

I'll soon be sending in another WIP to Siren, the second in the Stone Passions series.  So I hope to have some news about that soon.

I'm currently writing Stone Passions III and a new Sci-fi story. Whenever I finish one of those, I'll start writing Maggie's story. In the revisions department after I send in Stone Passions, I'll either pick up the second Bliss story to revise or get to work revising Penny's story. I might do a little of both for a while before deciding on one or the other.


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